Public Policy Research Centre (PPRC)

Dr Vinay Sahasrabuddhe is Honorary Director at Public Policy Research Centre, New Delhi.

Public Policy Research Centre (PPRC) is a research think tank established under the Dr. Mookerjee Smruti Nyas. The Centre focuses on research-based objective analysis of contemporary policy issues of significance. The organization aims at constructively impacting policy formulation process with an emphasis on good governance practices, efficient implementation mechanisms and evidence-based policymaking including policy-audit and evaluation in the larger interest of the nation.

The idea behind PPRC is to undertake structured research and carryout field-study projects as to explore constructive solutions on important policy issues in an institutionalized manner. PPRC broadly works in the area of public policy to explore constructive solutions on important policy issues through discussions, debates, seminars, study circles and brainstorming sessions.

Since its inception, under the guidance of Dr Sahasrabuddhe, the Centre has worked on several short-study projects as well as full length research progress and come out with occasional papers, study reports, research-tools and similar publications. A Board of Directors headed by Dr Vinay Sahasrabuddhe supervises the activities of PPRC, which has a team of several research fellows, working under the guidance of experienced academics.


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