Message on Raksha Bandhan Back

August 3, 2020

Raksha or Rakhi is a sacred thread and Bandhan means bonding. Raksha Bandhan is thus essentially, a celebration of bonding’s.

Every year on a full-moon night in the rainy month of Shrawan falls this festival which was initially a celebration of brother sister relationship. As a part of this raksha-bandhan, traditionally like a friendship band, a thread is tied on the wrist of one’s dear ones and near ones! This is a symbolic ‘binding’, a sacred vow to ‘defend’, protect each other, with sister praying for the long life of her brother and brother silently renewing the pledge to protect her life and honour at all cost. It is a mutual sacrament!

With a passage of time, this festival has become gender neutral. Once a family festival, today it has become a social event. In the present day, it has come to symbolise all seeking and giving of protection regardless of relationship. Today, this festival of bonding is celebrated by one and all, regardless of belief systems, castes and creed.

In these days trying times of COVID-19, this festival gives the message of togetherness. Nobody is isolated, no body need to feel lonely and left to himself/herself as we are all a part of a universal family! Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, is the foundation of India’s world view and today perhaps it is extremely relevant to spread it all over the world!

We at the ICCR are happy to present an exquisite Rakhi made of bamboo herewith. This attractive piece of art is created by members of the Adivasi or tribal communities of Melghat in Maharashtra.


Vinay Sahasrabuddhe


Indian Council for Cultural Relations